Anal Play 101

My wonderful Sir wrote a “how-to” guide for newbies with anal. Let me tell Y/you this WORKS. Fear doesnt even begin to explain how i felt about anal. My ex “dom” ruined it for me, but my Sir, using what He wrote has not only broke my fear…but i actually enjoyed it. I am living proof, you can over come it, with the right technique and partner.  Thank You Sir for helping me and guiding me to over come this. I love You.  ~June

Here as some basic rules for anal play. Not saying I know everything about this subject but from my experiences and research, I do know quite a bit.

Anal should NOT be painful, the first time yes there may be some discomfort, but it will be more like pressure and a feeling of fullness than sharp pain. If the man is very well endowed obviously it will be more intense. Here is a list of guidelines when it comes to anal.


  1. There is no such thing as too much lube, when u think you have used enough use more.
  2. If your girl has never done anal before then DO NOT start out with your penis, use a small toy or your fingers to start, I highly recommend starting her with some anal training. Use a plug or a Dilator. Start with the smallest then work your way up until she can comfortably take a plug the size of your penis.
  3. DO NOT use numbing lube, actually pain is your friend here, if you feel a sharp tearing pain then let your partner know so he can stop.
  4. This takes time and patience so take it slow, do not get in a hurry, and do not rush her. If you don’t go at her pace then you will mess this up for her and she may never be able to enjoy anal play.
  5. Once she is stretched enough you can now try anal play. Once you get your penis completely in, stop, let her get use to having something in her anus (especially the first few times), once she is comfortable then you need to go slow until she tells you to speed up. Again if you mess this up you may not get a second chance.

Sir Will