BONBDSM review

From  BONBDSM i ordered a purple small ball gag, along with a matching leather leash (to go with the beautiful training collar i won a few weeks prior)

The ordering process was very easy, the items i received were just like that of the pics posted on the website, i could not be happier at this point.

I was very surprised at how fast i received my product, considering the business is located Thailand. The product is in a bag (the one i received was purple, but so was my products) with a small BONBDSM tag on it. Its a cloth bag, and i am currently storing my toys ordered from BONBDSM in it.

Let me start off with the training collar (it is called a “bondage leather choke collar on the website), it is purple (offered in 7 other colors as well), leather, the O-ring and other fittings (including the rolling buckle) are of premium quality and made to withstand training of even your most stubborn sub/slaves. The measurements off of the site are approx 1” in width, and fits 12”-17” inches in circumference. It is very comfortable to wear, even when it is being pulled on and is tight. It WILL get their attention, i promise you that. It is a beautiful piece to have Your bottom wear to events, during play, or while serving their Dom/Master. As i stated earlier i was picked as one of the winners of this collar, i check the website and the price is $37.90 USD, well worth every penny!!!!

The Silicone Ball Gag. it is 1 ⅜’ inches, comes in 6 other colors besides the purple one i ordered. On the website it is listed for $29.90 USD, which is a great price, especially considering the amazing quality of an item you will be receiving. The silicone ball is non-toxic and has a completely neutral taste, i really hate the taste of plastic, lube or anything artificial like that, so that is a bonus for me.  The strap for all of them is black, made of quality leather, is really comfortable to wear. The buckle is easy to use and quality made, very comfortable for extended use as well. I visited the website BONBDSM to get the specs on this item and it has this listed “Designed to ensure that your partner keeps their mouth shut” Romance, its alive and well.

The purple leather leash is of the same great quality. Its beautiful to look at but also tough enough to keep them in line. It is listed $28.90USD and comes in the same colors as the ball gag, and collars. The chain is aluminum and has metal snap hook, easy to take your bottom out for a walk, or training.

Overall i am completely satisfied with the customer service, shipping, quality of the products I’ve ordered, prices and even the ease of ordering.

All items listed above are for my own private collection and use.

Check out BONBDSM at the following sites and see for yourself.

Website: BONBDSM

Facebook page: BONBDSM

Etsy store: BONBDSM


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