I’m sure at first glance you probably think this weeks blog is actually about “my favorite kink”, well you are not entirely incorrect. MyFavoriteKink (or MFK) is an adult store on Etsy that hand makes everything. While paracord is the favored material of this shop, they do offer other materials including leather. Since everything is hand made you can get customized items, different colors, lengths etc. All you have to do is mssg the shop owner and she will help you out.

My experience with MFK: I instantly fell in love with this shop, BEFORE placing my order. The owner has many beautiful items, . I WANTED THEM ALL….since that’s not going to happen in one order (oh but it will happen one day!) I decided to try out the Nylon/paracord looped end flogger. The product’s description as per MFK on Etsy:

This is a heavy and thuddy flogger that doesn’t hold back. The ends of the nylon are looped to prevent fraying. The falls are 12″ in length, and the handle is a firm 5″.

The customer service was excellent, answering every question that came up, including detail about the colors. Once i decided what color, purple (i know big shocker!!), she took a few days to hand make mine, then shipped them out right away. My package came from the USPS (regular US to US shipping), with the nature of my product it was able to fit in a standard sized mailbox. It arrived on time, in perfect condition (the post office obviously behaved that day).

The flogger is beautiful just to look at, i have it hanging in my bedroom as to admire it, and to have one hell of an interesting conversational piece. It is also beneficial to have the flogger hanging, it allows the falls (the part after the handle that you are hit with) keep their shape. Bunched up in a bag, it may lose their natural shape, causing a fall to pop in an unintentional area )

Holding the handle, my fingers fit in a groove along side a braid, which gives it a nature feel. The weight and balance are perfect for my needs. I was able to control where it landed, also how hard i needed to swing to ensure a certain level of sweet pain.

On the flip side, being the person receiving the sweet pain, i can say its an unique mixture of different types of pain. As you know i am fan of sting, usually favor the cane. Not a fan of any kind of thud! The bad thing about most floggers is its very thuddy, it will vary with how thick and wide the falls are. Luckily (at least for me) these falls are thin, which means it will have a bit of thud, but mostly sting. This is also a great piece for those wanting to try sting, but not brave enough to experience the cane. While everyone’s body is different, and have varies pain to bruise ratio, i personally do not bruise easily, and if a bruise happens to show, it will be gone in less than 24 hrs. On me it left bright red, intensely sensitive ass cheeks, among other areas.

I defiantly will be visiting and purshcing from their Etsy store & facebook page. Check them out for yourselves.


Facebook page:

I hope my experiences help others when making a decision when investing in your personal collection. Im talking to the subs as well. i have my own impact toys for reasons of safety & knowing my own bodies needs and limits..

Author: Jen Keicher co-owner of Whips, Chains & Duct Tape (cell phone link) Whips, Chains & Duct Tape

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