Do We Need To Be Trained?

Do we need to be trained?

The last couple of days I’ve been searching for ideas for discussion topics and I’ve noticed something that keeps getting brought up, being trained. When I say trained, I’m not talking about how your D-type wants their drink, or dinner, where and how you are supposed to sit, etc. Those activities are different with each D-type, and can even differ with each dynamic (if they have more than one partner), so yes you would have to be trained how to serve THAT Dom.

The discussions i am seeing are things like “what task can i do to help me from talking back to my Dom”, “what gag can i use to help me not smart off at my Dom” “my Dom required me to ask permission to speak, but i always forget”

The common thing with all of these (tons more than what i put here, but you get the point) ask how do i act respectful and submissive to my Dom. So those that claim to be submissive, do you really need to be trained to not smart off, act up, be disrespectful, break rules, etc? Shouldn’t that just come with being a decent human being?

I didn’t have to be trained to be a nice person to my Dom, to be respectful, to think of Him in my actions. I really don’t understand the need for this level of training, subs aren’t some wild beast that needs to be captured and trained in being a human. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t get it. So what are your thoughts on this? Experience in this? Questions?

If you know a sub who needs character training, we recently did a podcast on the subject. Please share it with them!
BDSM United Podcast

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