Newbie Advice

For those that are new in this lifestyle, if i could offer you some very important advice. When first getting into this lifestyle, please take the time to educate yourself BEFORE looking for a partner. Things like …Do you want a dynamic? Do you want kink…which kinks? What kinks are a big NO, what kinks are huge turn-ons? What position do you want in a dynamic? What identity do you connect with? Knowing what these are.. Safe call, vetting, safeword, hard and soft limits, consent, power exchange (basic bdsm 101 stuff) There are so many parts of BDSM you need to learn and understand (understanding being the more important one) before jumping in. How can you be a good Dominant if you dont reallly understand what that is? How can you think you are submitting if you dont understand what that actually means? How can you be a Top if you dont understand the dos and donts of that kink? You are setting yourself and your potential up for failure and putting yourself in a potentially dangerous position.

[i just want to add that this doesnt really apply to those already in a relationship and is adding BDSM. You still need to educate yourself on the same stuff…you just already have a partner.

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