Have we had it wrong this whole time?

We have gone over what subspace is, and how to get there (Recently did a review on the subspace webinar). At the beginning of the webinar they mentioned 2 different ways to get into “subspace”. The first one mentioned was the most common way talked about, from pain. I’m not going to go into the science of it, there is a great article in this group just search subspace. 

The second way is described as “Self-Awareness via sexual scripts”. The person hosting the webinar also called it “headspace”. So I started doing research on this. It is true, some kinks/scenes will put you into a headspace that will give you a subspace feel, you get the floaty high, time skipping, can’t really speak, limited movement, mind quiets…subspace. The examples i have found, and some the webinar mentioned was bondage (rope space), pet play (not role playing a pet, but taking on the mindset of a pet..very different), service sub or 1950s Domestic Dominance (DD) (sub-space), serving your D-type/submitting (sub-space), age play while serving/submitting (little space) and bootblacking (i couldn’t find the “space” name for it, but similar to service sub but Leather). 

These are all headspaces that are caused from a chemical release in the brain. Different acts cause different chemicals. Without getting into too much of the science, here is one example, bondage. Being bound in rope will cause your brain to release oxytocin (same as being hugged) and this will cause a feel good headspace very similar to that we call subspace. All of those different types of headspaces also cause drops as well, because your body is now wanting the increased chemical and the “high” from the headspace we were just experiencing.

So with all of that said, many many years ago, whoever coined the phrase “subspace” got it wrong. Technically it should be called masochist space, or even bottom space would have been more accurate than subspace. As you do not have to be a sub to actually get into subspace, you have to be a masochist and receive pain.  TNG isn’t completely wrong when they say they are getting “subspace” from submitting. They just aren’t getting into what we call subspace. From what I read subspace from pain is the most intense with higher highs, but that also comes with lower lows. Rope space being the next with the intensity and depth of the space that they go into. I have known some rope bottoms that said they get a “high” from bondage, but had never been in subspace so they couldn’t compare the two. Now i cant speak for the subs claiming they are getting into subspace from doing tasks(without pain), but a small task is not enough. Just being owned/claimed is also not enough. Just like a few spankings can’t get us into subspace, it takes time and repeated actions to release those chemicals to achieve any form of sub/head space. 

I’m not trying to change anything (even though it needs it), but I do have a better understanding of sub/head spaces. I also like to figure out how/why TNG got the ideas/beliefs they have (especially the incorrect ones). What are your thoughts on this? Have you been in any of the other headspaces? How did you get there and how did it feel?

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