Polyamorous flag

The flag that represents the Polyamorous community, just sucks. It has been disliked since 1995 when it became our official flag. So every few years the community will decide to try (again) to design a new and better flag to better represent the Poly community, vote, and then it never takes off. So its that time again. Below is a pic of the current flag, the one on the top with the blue/red/black with 𝝅. The other flags are ones that were designed, and voted on but on such a small platform that it never took off. The one with the heart and infinity symbol is another popular one (meaning infinite love), but its not the “official” flag.

The symbolism with our current flag is
Blue stands for “Openness & Honesty among all partners”
Red stands for “Love & Passion”
Black stands for “Solidarity for those that must hide their poly side”
Pi is a Greek letter it was picked bc it stands for irrational number with infinite decimal places, a play on poly people having infinite love. (I also saw it explained as pi and poly both start with P so they picked the Greek letter Pi.)
it is in gold to represent the value placed on emotional attachment, not just physical attraction.

Polyamfam is working to get the flag changed, they have a larger platform and working to unite other larger platforms so we can finally change this eyesore.
Here is a his IG (he did an IG short about the flag)

Here is a link to Polyamproud (ran by Polyamfam) this is were voting will take place. There isnt a date just yet (i will make another post when it does. Im not sure if they are taking designs from just anyone, if you are interested in submitting your design (becoming part of history) you can email them to get the needed info. Polyamproud

2 thoughts on “Polyamorous flag

    1. Most people dont. I actually thought it was “officially” changed to the one with the same colors but with the heart/infinity symbol in it. It’s not an organized community lol.

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