This blog might not be for you….

If you dont follow the same Traditional BDSM path that i do, that is fine. You do you. The internet is HUGE, literally endless, so there are plenty of other “bdsm” sites, groups, blogs etc for all the kinksters to be part of. I am not looking to argue, or to be shown the twue way by someone that believes that alpha subs and power subs are a thing, submission being a gift, self collaring…. Or any other new generation beliefs. I really dont care about your opinions or thoughts about me. I dont wake up in the morning seeking your approval, or care about your way, or this “everyone can be anything as long as they claim it” mentality. I believe in Traditional BDSM that is greatly tied to The Old Guard history and teachings. If that is also you, welcome and thanks for the continued support, or if you are new here and want to learn, welcome, glad you made it.

Otherwise, please take your flakey version of this lifestyle and fuck all the way off. Thanks Jen

*this post is bc someone keeps commenting arguing with me about the lifestyle, from their comments it is clear we are not in the same lifestyle…but they want to attack me, and my ideas. Im not interested in any thing that person has to say, but they wont move on…apparently they are butt hurt bc i told them they were not a good fit for my group (which is beyond obvious at this point) …next time i get a comment from you…yes you, im reporting it to WordPress. So again, just in case you didnt get what i said, i will slow it down. Please….FUCK…ALL…THE ….WAY….OFF. Thanks, now have the day you deserve. ✌🏻

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