Littles & Age Play

How does Ageplay differ from being a Little/Middle/Big?

For starters a “little” is an adult that has the personality and mindset of someone younger, childlike, they are the submissive in a BDSM dynamic. A middle has the mindset of a teenager, and a big would be early 20s. This is NOT a kink, it is their role!

A little that does NOT ageplay will NOT have a “little age”, that is characteristic of someone that ageplays. A little is in or looking for a “DD/lg” a “MD/lg” or “CG/lg” (or lb for little boy/boi) type of relationship dynamic. They prefer a Caregiver or a Daddy/Mommy Dom to serve since they usually have similar kinks and relationship goals. This part of the lifestyle is NOT incest or pedophilla, it’s always a relationship between consenting adults (18+).

Caregiver is a gender neutral term, and doesn’t have to be the “Dom” in the dynamic. A lot of times it is someone that helps them when ageplaying/little space and helps make sure they take their meds, drink water and eat healthy.

Ageplay is a form of role playing, you role play a different age or treat someone as if they were a different age. This isn’t always a role play, age regression is real, it is even used in hypnotic therapy to help with childhood trauma. You can role play someone older or younger, it can be sexual or non-sexual, but it has to be between consenting adults. Like all role playing activities ageplay can be a way to relieve stress, provide comfort and safety or help with emotional scars from their childhood. This is considered a “bottom” kink since submitting does not have to be part of the role playing.

During ageplay the goal is to hit “little space” this is different and not to be confused with “sub space”. Little space is the headspace the ageplayer gets into during the scene. The regression will vary with the person, various things can trigger going into little space, like coloring, your CG’s tone of voice, a cartoon/movie. Caregivers, ask your partners what types of things they enjoy doing when in little space, what things take them out of little space, and if they need anything special while in little space, never just assume. Diaper play can also be part of ageplay, but is not required.

Littles that do NOT ageplay do NOT go in and out of little space. They are always in some form of little space. IF you are a little and at any point you regress in age, regardless if you are aware of it or not you are ageplaying. Nothing wrong with that, because you can be both. I have personally dealt with the “littles” that know everything and push their lack of education on others, by trying to make them feel less of a little or sub.

•You can be a little and NOT ageplay.

•You can ageplay and NOT be a little.

•You can be BOTH.

•You can be an ABDL and NOT role play or NOT be a little or a sub, OR you can be all 3.

•You can be an AB (Adult baby) and NOT be into diapers.

•You can be into diapers and NOT be into AB or ageplay.

There are a lot of different combinations with littles and those that ageplay! Don’t judge others if they don’t ageplay like you, or if you thought you HAD to ageplay to be a little. I’ve noticed those that thought you HAD to ageplay (or have a littles age) to be a little, didn’t realize that ageplay doesn’t necessarily mean diapers and bottles.

Hopefully this has cleared up any confusion concerning littles and those that ageplay.

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